Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What the hell is hashish anyway?

I'm out of town tonight. I took a cab from my charity to the hotel, and I think my cab driver tried to sell me drugs. Or, he was just talking about how much he liked drugs. He mentioned twice how much he could go for some hashish. Seriously?!? I don't look at myself as someone who screams 'hashish lover here!!'. I don't even really understand what hashish is. And yet, this is the second time in my life a cab driver has chatted about how awesome hash is while I was in his cab. The other one, years and years ago, rambled on quite a bit about this oil he had. I didn't really understand what he was talking about (and still don't) but I nodded politely and kept making idle conversation. After we got out of the cab my boyfriend at the time was all like 'seriously, he was trying to sell you drugs'. And I realised that my life has probably been much less influenced by peer pressure due to the fact that I often don't understand what cool new thing someone is talking about with their fancy words and slang. But I'm way too shy to ask people to clarify, so I don't know what I'm being tempted with. Handy!

Anyway, I ran another 3 miles tonight because my lovely husband said 'do it!' when I called him. Probably because I'd told him about the cab driver and he wanted to make sure I didn't compromise and dive in to the minibar.

But huzzah! 3 miles in 38:45!

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