Friday, December 7, 2012

I need some sneakers.

I did a silly thing today. I impulse committed. An email came out from a co-worker that we were going to put together a team for the half-marathon in May, and WOULDN'T IT BE SO AWESOME TO BE PART OF THAT TEAM. I don't actually think that she used cap locks, but to my bandwagon brain, there was no doubt. Ten minutes later my mastercard had enabled my online registration, and somehow, I kind of became the team captain as well.

This all sounds normal for a seasoned long distance runner. But alas, that isn't me. I like brief affairs with running. Weekends away. Maybe even a weekly one-night arrangement that fizzles out after a month or two. But a brief scan of training programs has me considering that a half-marathon may need more than my usual 'I'm signed up for a 10k next week, perhaps I should go and buy some sneakers' commitment.

This may take more work.

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